Halloween at Disneyland

Saturday, December 27, 2008

As close as I will ever get to mailing out Christmas Cards!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! We love you!
Nic, Karen, Quinton and Hayden
ps, I know it's tiny but look at the picture of Haydie with Santa...he HATES Santa! He looks like he is saying- hands off fat boy! Haydie wants nothing to do with the whole Santa thing! He seems to feel violated by a big fat guy busting down his chimney uninvited. After all, Santa IS a stranger! He's like, "mom, can santa REALLY see me? My no like Santa. My no like Santa's boots" We saw a freaky lookin Santa at the mall that looked like they pulled him out of the dumpster out back and plopped him on Santas chair. Haydie has never been the same, and apparently Santa had way bad boots! He is ok with the reindeer landing here but only if it's on the driveway (no driving on the roof!) and I got him to agree to let Santa leave his gifts on the front porch! And absolutely no cookies and milk for the fat boy either, just carrots for the reindeer! Where do they get this stuff?!
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