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Monday, June 16, 2008

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Quinn's first superglued stitches! And a rockin mohawk!

We love Summer!

Poor Haydie bonked his head again! And yes, I know he shouldn't have a bottle still!

Haydie swimmin in Grandpa's hot tub! We love Grandpa's house!

"Mom, did you see me swim? Pretty cool huh!"

Don't be mad! I swear I have more good reasons for not blogging forever! Ummmm, Nic beats me. Ya, all the time, it's real serious. Fine, I just suck at blogging!!
Lets see...last you heard, Quinn's head was busted open and Hayden was missin teeth! My superglued slice is lookin nice these days! Hayden hasn't lost any more teeth...yet! That boy is fearless!
Fearless seems to be the theme of the summer around here! Quinn just learned to jump off the diving board! He takes his little noodle thing and goes off over and over again! He loves to swim and would stay in the pool all day every day!
Hayden doesn't like the pool as much, but he loves my parents hot tub! It's not as big so he just jumps all around and blows bubbles. Needless to say, I love summer! The boys are old enough to do things without me a little more so I can get a few things done around this house! They love to play on the swings and in the huge sandbox my dad made them! They play out back all morning and out front all afternoon! I still won't let them ride their 4wheelers until Nic gets home, but they don't seem to even care! Nic and I are going away this weekend for my birthday and I'm like, oh man, I have to miss Saturday with the kids! Thats the best! But, on the other hand, I have not seen a movie for like a year and I have no cute clothes and could really use some uninterrupted sleep! So, Nic insists that we movie marathon on Friday and shop all day Saturday! Poor me! I'm excited to see Indiana Jones since he has been my crush since like 3rd grade!


Hannah LaRue said...

Darling I dont even know hwere Clinton, Utah is, and you know I am a Southern Belle through and through. I would be the best gossipy neighboor since that is one of more favorite hobbies. Sounds like you have a great b-day weekend planned. Have a blast, and take some picture of you it. PS Where are yall going?

brit said...

Happy Birthday today. I would call you & tell you in person... but somebody stole my cell & Quinn wont let me get another until July 1st. that's when the new iphone comes out. so sucks for me until then! love ya & hope you have a great day!!!

tannerstory said...

I am so jealous that sounds so fun. I hope that things are going good. I am really hoping that we can get together soon. Your boys are so cute and sound very busy-don't you love it? I may need you to teach me a few tricks with super glue...

tjandash said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you found oodles of cute clothes-cuz we all know Karens in desperate need of new clothes. She's NEVER dolled from head to toe! I'm sorry to leave you in such an urgent emergency. I'm coming in August and can save you then-but that's probably too late. Sorry charlie.