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Monday, February 2, 2009


So, what good is a blog if I can't get out my crazies and ask for advice?! I am FREAKING out over...preschool! I know I know, it's just preschool but the preschool monster has been gnawing on my leg since I was pregnant with Quinton! So, here are my rattlers, in no particular order.
Clinton, Utah.
I take it back, this is totally in order so far! #1 reason for sure! I'll sum it up while trying to spare some feelings like this..
-I had less culture shock moving to London than to Clinton, Utah.
-A fruit vendor tried to buy me for 40 camels in Jerusalem. This was less offensive, and way more funny!, than some of the comments I get in Clinton, Utah.
So, needless to say, Ive had a hard time finding somewhere I feel comfortable to even leave my son, to say nothing of the horror I feel about what they might actually say to him.
I grew up in the bubble people. In Utah county it seemed like there was a preschool in every neighborhood. I could find a preschool I liked in Provo by the end of the afternoon. And yes I see the irony in longing for happy valley when all I did was plot how to get out.
I keep trying to say what I mean in trying to explain the preschools I have toured for a million miles around and realize what a freakin snob I look like when I read what I write so I delete it and start over. But all I can say is how a mom feels about her kids doesn't include the worry about being politically correct, (at least not for me) and for me it is only about Evans correct. I have seen firsthand the importance of diversity and, dare I say, tolerance. The world would be a boring place if it didn't include all sorts of different people from different walks of life and probably everyones family generations include the best and the worst of it all- money and power as well as extreme poverty etc but this isn't about any of that. It's about my little family unit and about me trying to find a...PRESCHOOL. One tiny facet of life. I just really don't want to screw it up. So, in that spirit and after hopefully making myself seem less horrific, IN MY EXPERIENCE of looking for a good preschool here, I found myself constantly picturing that kid who comes to school smellin like last weeks breakfast in dirty too small clothes with no shoe laces and a black eye (not an actual person I remember and my heart truly breaks for those poor kids who have it so rough! I swear I have a heart to break!!)Except these preschools pupils were all that kid. And the teachers, OH the teachers. At one place when I inquired about the curriculum the teacher replied that she didn't know about the electrical wiring in the school. OK, I know I'm a snob. I know it. I am not making a judgement on every person in Davis County, I am an obsessive, over-protective, perfection seeking quack but what I want to quack about the most is my kids educations. Please don't take this as my take on the caste system, I really am just talking about preschool and the trouble I have encountered on my pursuit for a most likely unachievable perfection!
So, anyways, the whole point of my ranting and raving is that I need advice about schools. Did you send your kids to preschool for 2 years if they miss the deadline for kindergarten? Do you worry about your kids getting to elementary TOO prepared? Whats up with Charter schools and Challenger and if you do choose a school like Challenger do you have to go that route all through school? Do you worry if the public school system is adequate? Have you had any good or bad experiences? HELP the madwoman! I'm flippin out!


US said...

Lol. This was a really funny post! I haven't conquered the preschool monster yet myself, but have thought of doing the preschool groups where you get together with a bunch of other moms & rotate so you teach it at your house 1 week a month or however you work it out. Then at least you guys can decide together what you want. Also, I would do 2 years of preschool. There's a lot of social interaction, & I'm sure your son would [refer to be the oldest & not the youngest throughout school. Anyway, good luck with that.

Tiffany and Shane Speakman said...

Karen, oh my... I can't believe the response you got from that one school... Hillarious!!! Let's just say that I just found out that you dont have to even go to preschool... My husband never went and he is way smarter than I am and I went to preschool. I dont' know what I would do though if it were my own kids... Good luck!

tjandash said...

You make me laugh so hard. Things could be worse-you could live in Texas. Ten times gaggier than Clinton. Luckily I have the cutest girl in my ward who is a teacher and has a darling preschool out of her home. But next year I am a little worried. They have pre-K here that is every day 8-12 at the schools. Very scary! I have to admitt that I am such a selfish person and the main reason I send Tayt to preschool is so I can have a break and not be so mental. When he comes home I am a such a better mommy. I think they do learn a few good things added with oodles of fluff and lots of fun, but for sure they could learn just as much staying home with you. I can just see you picking him up from school each day and coming straight home to a bath tub filled with bleach. And don't feel left out for not being invited to my blog. I haven't invited anyone because I have been to busy and lazy. I still love you!

TheTandyFamily said...

Sorry that I took forever to write back. I'm just a boring loser now in law school. It's fun to have blogs and keep up on everybody.
To answer your question, my wife does all of our pictures. She did all of our family pictures at Christmas with a tripod. There is a link to her photo-blog on our family blog.
I agree with Melyna about the two years for preschool. My little girl, Ellie, is in her first year. My wife does the rotating thing with some other moms in our ward. So far, they have all really liked it. However, we may do a more official thing for Ellie's second year. Who knows?
It was good to hear from you. I'm glad that you're so happy with all of your boys.


tjandash said...

STILL needing help!! Come on Karen update your blog!!!!! Hows the arm??? If you still haven't washed your hair and want to wait till the end of July I'll be there. For sure let's get together!!